The Rebisco Family: Bringing 60 Years of Delight to Filipino Families

The Rebisco Family: Bringing 60 Years of Delight to Filipino Families

As we approach our 60th year, we look back on the delightful journey that has made Rebisco what it is today—from the creation of our first biscuit to a company built on family moments. We share quality snacks with a proudly Filipino heritage, loved by generations here and across the world.

The humble beginnings of a family

Rebisco was born in a humble neighborhood bakery in 1963.

On August 15, 1963, Jacinto Ng, Sr., a second generation Chinese Filipino entrepreneur, established the England Biscuit Factory—a small company producing biscuits from a rented second-hand bakery in San Juan. The two-storey bakery began operations with 15 workers, one English-type rotary oven, and one Chevy delivery truck.

With a desire to provide delicious snacks that every Filipino family can afford, Jacinto Ng, Sr., introduced Krema (cracker with filling) and Sodatine (plain cracker) as the company’s first products.

In 1972, the Ng family branched out from the small neighborhood bakery, moving their site of production to a more spacious factory in Novaliches. The England Biscuit Factory was then renamed to Republic Biscuit Corporation or Rebisco.

Eleven years later, Krema—Rebisco’s flagship and pioneering product—is relaunched as the Rebisco Cream Sandwich.

Like all families, Rebisco experienced its share of challenges. When structural fires struck Rebisco in the 1970s and 1990s, many workers volunteered to stay and save everything they could, even as they were asked to vacate the area. Although the fires devastated the plant and caused operations to halt, the company shortly recovered, resuming operations within a year.

Jacinto Ng, Sr. had a certain drive and dedication to Rebisco, which had in turn inspired others to apply the same ‘malasakit’ in their work. The Filipino value of ‘malasakit’—roughly translated as ‘to care for something as if it were your own’—distinguished the role of each Rebisco employee, helping the company withstand difficult times.

Growing the family

Expansion into other food categories

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Opening of a new plant in Vietnam

With Rebisco’s strong position in the Philippines, the family set their sights on the international market.

Rebisco Vietnam Ltd. was established in 2012, offering Rebisco Extreme Biscuits in Chocolate and Mocha as its first products. These experience an encouraging repeat purchase among Vietnamese locals.

Spurred on by the success, Rebisco strengthened its foothold in Indo-China, Greater China, and other ASEAN countries by opening its first Vietnam Plant in Binh Duong Province in 2015. The plant is built to meet the demand of the local market in Vietnam and other countries in the region such as Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Looking back on their fruitful 10-year milestone, the Rebisco Vietnam family proudly strives onward with purpose, sharing delight with Vietnamese families through delicious biscuits, cakes, and confectionery following the successful launches of Doowee, Whoopie, Krimstix, and Chubby.

Celebrating and sharing wins with the family

A core part of Rebisco’s vision is to leave a positive impact on the community and contribute to building the Filipino nation. Causes that champion education, art, sports, and the fight against hunger, are integral to the company’s history and identity.


Rebisco established the Rebisco Foundation Inc. (RFI) in 2009, concretizing its intent to create shared value with the communities in which it operates.

RFI continues to serve Rebisco's plant communities through Education Programs, providing scholarships for the children of plant workers and deserving students from top universities. As of 2022, 134 scholars have graduated; 61 provided with employment; and 185 high school and college scholars currently finishing the academic year. RFI has constructed and renovated 30 classrooms, benefitting public elementary pupils in need of adequate and conducive learning facilities. It has also organized an RFI Alumni Association serving as continuing link to the graduates and support group for scholars.

As traditional schooling ground to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rebisco joined ‘Bayanihan sa Paaralan’ by the Department of Education (DepEd), as the first private stakeholder to support learners.

The company helped facilitate the learning continuity plan for school year 2020-2021 by producing and donating learning materials fit for home schooling, for distribution to learners across the country. This led to Rebisco being chosen as ‘The Most Outstanding Stakeholder’ at the 2020 Gawad Kaagapay Awards.

In the same year, 'Rebi-School of Tips' was launched as a helping hand for students learning from home. The brand activation provided practical solutions for pain points of Filipino families through blended learning, an academic approach to make learning in ‘the new normal’ easy and fun.

Addressing hunger and wellness

In 2016, RFI implemented a school feeding program where selected pupils within Rebisco’s school communities receive daily nutritious meals for nine months. With the onset of the pandemic, RFI modified its school feeding through the monthly distribution of substantial food supplies, for students to share with their families while learning at home and as they transitioned to face-to-face classes. To date, the Foundation has fed 1,400 undernourished pupils.

RFI also recognized the need to extend health assistance to indigents who cannot afford a medical check-up. The Foundation initiated a yearly medical mission in its plant communities in 2010, providing free medicines and medical consultations with volunteer doctors. A total of 46,125 individuals have been served by the medical mission activities which were stopped in 2020 due to the pandemic.


Rebisco championed Philippine sports through volleyball and endorsements with national athletes. In February 2017, the Creamline Cool Smashers became part of the family, representing the company in the Premier Volleyball League (PVL). With the sport growing in popularity, Rebisco planned to gain awareness among consumers who associated good vibes with volleyball and Creamline Creamy Ice Cream.

The hallmark of Rebisco Volleyball lies in the spirit of playing with passion and excellence. This is personified by the company’s professional teams—the Creamline Cool Smashers, Choco Mucho Flying Titans, and Creamline Beach Volleyball.

The Rebisco family’s wish to bring honor to the nation is evidenced by its unwavering support for the Philippine National Volleyball Teams. At the same time, the commitment to leave a lasting impact is displayed through its grassroots programs, Rebisco Volleyball League U19 and Rebisco Volleyball Academy. These programs provide a competitive venue to showcase players’ talents and skills, in line with the company’s resolve to become the main driving force behind Philippine volleyball.

Art and movies

Rebisco launched its first annual 'Special Designer Tin Can' in 2019, an advocacy project to celebrate Philippine Arts and promote a strong sense of Filipino Heritage. To support budding artists, Rebisco also partnered with the Regional Lead School of the Arts of Angono (RLSAA) and other well-known artists.

In the area of film, the family undertook the production of movies with a focus on Filipino values. Rebisco partnered with Star Cinema, the foremost Filipino film production and distribution outfit, to produce ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’, a light family drama about siblings who grew up together but had fallen apart, and what it takes to grow together again. Top-billed by box office stars and shown nationwide, the movie cemented Rebisco’s influence in supporting meaningful and lasting family relationships.

In 2017, Rebisco sponsored ‘Seven Sundays’, another blockbuster family dramedy. The film was shown worldwide and awarded with the inaugural special award on ‘Cinema for Good’ by the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards.

Rebisco co-produced more movies with family themes—‘Three Words to Forever’ in 2018, and ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’ in 2020.

Addressing COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020-2022, Rebisco remained in solidarity with the nation by being a ‘Kasalo’ to its frontliner individuals, and to communities in need such as various hospitals, organizations, and local government units (LGUs). The company also provided free vaccinations to employees and their families, and implemented an advocacy to encourage everyone to get vaccinated, contributing to the government's goal to lead the country to population protection.

Delighting families all over the world

The Rebisco family aspired to share the everyday delight of Filipinos globally with every biscuit, bread, confection and snack they make. Currently, the company exports its products to 48 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania.

In 2020, Rebisco was recognized as the top exporter in ‘The Asian Export Awards 2020’, ‘Large Corporate Division’, for the ‘Snack’ category. The award honors products and services that significantly enhanced businesses in the regional export scene. Doowee Donut, the first conveniently packaged baked donut from the Philippines, grew its total global export sales exponentially, and was exported to more than a dozen countries.

Rebisco continues to explore new markets overseas, sharing delightful snacking moments with every family worldwide—fulfilling its vision to become a globally loved brand.

60 years ago, a small neighborhood bakery began with the desire to provide delicious snacks that every Filipino family could afford.

Today, Rebisco has risen from its humble beginnings to a well-loved snack icon and Filipino success story—a leader in the thriving, local snack food industry with a strong global presence.

From the comfort of its first creamy sandwich crackers to a now wide selection of innovative, best-value food, the biscuit pioneer has captured the hearts of millions of Filipinos and will continue to delight generations to come. Beyond its 60-year journey, the Rebisco family moves forward together as ONE, filled with gratitude and positive hope for the bright future ahead.

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