7 Family Favorite Snacks through the Years

7 Family Favorite Snacks through the Years

If you were to ask a Filipino what 'home' means to them, thoughts of family and food would be the first to cross

their mind. Shared experiences over light meals or snacks are deeply rooted in the Filipino way of life, a small but

inseparable part of family memories throughout our growing up years. Like childhood games, shows, old music,

and gadgets, snacks are like mementos—a fleeting snapshot in time of who we were back then, and who we were with.


From the optimism of the 90s to the changes of the new millennium, we've had the comfort of family and our

favorite snacks by our side.


We've rounded up our top family snack picks, so keep reading for a taste of nostalgia! Rediscover some of our top

brands that have been in the market for 20 years or more. Is your favorite on the list? 


1. Rebisco Sandwich


A flagship brand and most-loved snack of all family members, Rebisco Sandwich is a pioneering cream-filled

cracker sandwich and a true Filipino family classic. 


90s kids will remember the delicious biscuit as a snack from simple but fun times, during the early days of tech

and new breakthroughs in pop culture.


Rebisco Sandwich would be tucked into your lunch box with a note from mom, accompany you and your siblings

on bus rides to and from school, or welcome you back as an after-school 'merienda' while you told your family

about the day's adventures.


Everyone played outdoors back then. You and your siblings would ride your bikes to explore the area, play

basketball and other street games, traditional or invented. You'd walk to the nearest store for a Rebisco Sandwich,

comparing notes along the way on anything under the sun.


Delicious flavors of Rebisco Sandwich—Choco, Strawberry, Cream, Butter, Peanut Butter, and Pastillas—would be

packed as 'baon' during family trips, and everyone had their personal favorites.


At home or outside, families shared light and carefree moments as the snack filled their stomachs and memories.

Rebisco Sandwich gave you that 'sarap ng feeling' you still experience vividly, as if it were yesterday


2. Hansel Sandwich


Hansel Sandwich is every kid's favorite 'baon' and study snack buddy. Opening a pack, smelling a whiff of the iconic

aroma, and taking a bite of Hansel Sandwich lets us relive the wonder of childhood. We spent our happiest days at

school—learning new things, sharing snacks and forming lasting friendships. The soft-crunch cookie sandwich

packed by our mothers would be an eagerly awaited treat during recess, giving us a sense of comfort

and familiarity in the classroom. At home, we spent sunny afternoons learning with Hansel—the snack was a friendly

companion during study breaks, a delightful treat between study time and memorable moments with family.


The deliciously distinct aroma of Hansel Sandwich is like a sweet whiff of nostalgia, leading us back to a magical

time in our lives where we always 'snacked Hanselly ever after'.


The soft-crunch cookie comes in five flavors—Mocha, Choco, Butter, Milk, and its newest variant, Milky


3. Superstix


Over the years, children’s games and playtime activities have changed and taken on various forms. One thing

remains the same—kids will reach for a jar of Superstix as their fun playtime companion.


With every stick, kids can unleash their imagination while enjoying the crunchiness, creaminess, and yumminess of

Superstix. Its delectable flavors, Choco, Double Choco, Milk, Pandan, Ube, Mocha, Tutti Fruity, and Cheese give

playtime activities an extra dose of excitement. From then until now, Superstix is a perfect snack for board games,

movie marathons, and other playful interactions with family—making every bonding experience SUPER.

4. Krimstix

As children, we had moments of imaginative fun that count as some of our most cherished memories today. There

were no limits to what we could do and create—experimenting, arranging, and shaping our first works of art out of different materials. 


Moms have always turned to Krimstix creampaste as a delightfully sweet snack to unleash their child’s creative

potential. Kids and kids at heart had the treat as it is, topped it on their favorite cupcake, or paired it with different

fruits and ice cream to make desserts fun and appetizing. Whenever our mothers handed us Krimstix, we were

promised endless creative fun anytime, anywhere—snacks were our canvas and it would bring our artistic imagination to life.  


The childhood favorite comes in yummy flavors of Choco, Milk Choco, Milk, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter,

Pandan, Ube, Cheesy Crunch, Choco-Strawberry, and Choco-Orange.


5. Fudgee Barr


As children, the soft, bar-shaped cake with chocolate fudge filling gave us over the top fun and deliciousness. The

cake snack continued to be a faithful companion well into our adventurous teenage years, always ready to give us a

delectable burst of energy.


Nowadays, the rich, moist bar filled with inside-out goodness is still a real cake experience for the whole family

to enjoy. Coming in single and combination packs with multiple flavors, Fudgee Barr works as a snack during family

excursions or a delightful treat for worry-free happiness at the end of the day.

6. Happy Peanuts


The uniquely Filipino taste of Happy Peanuts has made it the most popular brand of peanut in the Philippines and a

recognizable family favorite.


Whether as an addictive on-the-go snack or a crunchy, savory finger food during fun family conversations at home,

everyone can find happiness in every pack of Happy Peanuts.

This high quality, imported, and greaseless snack comes in convenient sizes, with a variety of flavors like Garlic,

BBQ, Sweet Chili, and Classic Adobong Mani.

7. Bravo


For the teens and young adults in the family, Bravo Biscuits remains to be a delicious and unique-tasting favorite.


As busy teens and young adults, we would open up a pack of Bravo to kickstart our morning and give us an

amazing boost throughout the day. We would wake up to the amazing flavor and aroma of Bravo, munching on it

anywhere—from pairing it with breakfast at home before heading off to school, having it for breakfast in the FX or

bus as we reviewed for exams, or inside the classroom while we waited for our professor to arrive.    


The ‘sweet-sesame sarap’ of Bravo comes from a blend of sugar and sesame seeds, giving the biscuit a unique

sesame goodness that made us feel refreshed in the most sesamazing way. Packed with flavor in each bite and rich

in Vitamins B1, B2 and E, the biscuits were and are still perfect for those on the go.

Through the years, our favorite snacks have held a lasting place in the Filipino heart that cherishes family,

community, and strong ties to our past. 


Check out Rebisco stores on Shopee and Lazada and relive your favorite snacking moments with family! 

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