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Who We Are

For over 58 years, the Republic Biscuit Corporation (REBISCO) provides delicious snacks that make family moments more meaningful.

Spreading delight worldwide

We share the everyday delight of Filipinos
globally with every biscuit, bread, confection
and snack we export.

Where we are

With Rebisco's strong position in our home, we set our
sights on the international market. Today, the International
Business Group (IBG) is in partnership with distributors
from around the world.

Partner with us

Send your inquiries through our Export Sales Registration form
or visit our portal for vendors.

Delight in the World of Endless Possibilities

The scope of our brands, continuous expansion, and strong position in the FMCG industry create many opportunities for you to grow your career. Learn and thrive in an environment where colleagues treat you like family, and share delight through our snacks across the globe.

Our Advocacy

Behind the growth and success of the Republic Biscuit Corporation (REBISCO) is the unwavering support of the communities where its various plants operate. Realizing many achievements as the company reached its 45th year of business operations, REBISCO decided it was time to give back and create programs that would help improve the lives of families within its immediate...

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Connect With Us

We're always looking to connect with those who
share an interest in Rebisco.

Contact Us

We highly value your feedback. Share your experience,
tell us how we can help in your business, or send us
suggestions on how we can further improve.

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